Medicaid Expansion is in Our Hands Now

Florida is one of only 10 states that has not already expanded Medicaid coverage to low-income childless adults as allowed under the Affordable Care Act. Now, Florida healthcare advocates are mounting a petition drive to...
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Florida issues abortion rules after six-week ban becomes law

Florida healthcare regulators released emergency rules related to treating medical conditions that pose dangers to a pregnant person or fetus.
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With undocumented immigrants at 4% of state population, critics dispute $566 million cost to healthcare system

Listen: The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration released new data showing the financial costs of undocumented immigrants on the state’s healthcare system. But with undocumented immigrants being only 4% of the state population, critics...
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Florida Legislature sends healthcare bills to Gov. Ron DeSantis

Healthcare bills were formally sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday after almost unanimously passing the Legislature.
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Medicaid expansion could be on the 2026 ballot in Florida

Listen: There’s an effort going on now to place Medicaid expansion on the 2026 ballot in Florida. This comes as Florida is one of only ten states that haven’t expanded Medicaid. Jake Flaherty is the...
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State Senate passes bill funding healthcare access, but still no Medicaid expansion

Listen: A package expanding healthcare access and resources passed in the State Senate Thursday. However, Medicaid expansion is still a no-go. The bill, sponsored by Republican Senator Colleen Burton, was passed unanimously in the full...
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Florida House panel backs its version of a healthcare bill; it does not expand Medicaid

The bill is similar to one in the Senate and calls for expanding medical residency programs to try to keep more new doctors in Florida.
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Florida Senate is ready to pass its healthcare plan

The Senate Fiscal Policy Committee unanimously passed two bills, setting the stage for the full Senate to vote as early as next week.

Health Insurance Now!

The open enrollment period to obtain subsidized health insurance from the federal marketplace (Obamacare) closes on January 16. Free, unbiased health care navigators from Florida Covering Kids and Families (FCKF) are standing by to assist...
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Trial begins in a constitutional challenge to Florida restrictions on medical treatments for transgender people

The mother of a transgender girl testified that it would be “devastating” if the child could not get treatment in Florida.
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Democrats propose Medicaid expansion in Florida for young adults

A bill calls for Florida to study expanding Medicaid to cover people ages 18 to 26 who might not otherwise be able to have health insurance.

Medicare Enrollment Period is Now Open. What to Do?

Learn what to consider in making your Medicare healthcare enrollment decision for 2023 with our experts from Florida SHINE.

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