A Conversation With Rudy Tambala

There can be no doubt legions of young enterprising musicians have over the years listened intently and repeatedly to Lollita by A. R. Kane. The plaintive, sexy, treated guitar mixed with a persuasive acoustic guitar,...

Rudy Tambala on A. R. Kane, Jübl & The Business Of Life

Discovering new music has been an integral part of my life for many years. That I’m still able to get giddy with excitement when hearing Arlo Parks or Pela or Barzin for the first time...

A Conversation With Rudy Tambala on Life Elsewhere

Rudy Tambala is a smart guy, he’s well read, he’s articulate and he enjoys a spirited conversation. He’s sincere when he states, “Rock ’n’ roll is f#@%ing sex! It’s the rhythm of your blood. It’s...

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