A Conversation With Rudy Tambala


There can be no doubt legions of young enterprising musicians have over the years listened intently and repeatedly to Lollita by A. R. Kane. The plaintive, sexy, treated guitar mixed with a persuasive acoustic guitar, the seductive voice, and then — without warning the electric guitar releases a thundering explosion. Thirty years on, it still sounds so modern, so new. How did they get that sound?” This’s the question everyone has asked. In Norman B’s exclusive interview with Rudy Tambala the forthright musician reveals in rich detail how he and his bandmate, Alex Ayuli created their extraordinary and frequently emulated sound. He talks enthusiastically of the beginnings of A. R. Kane, detailing the creation of the noted Lollita artwork. Enterprising 4AD records were known for inventive sleeves, but this one went further. A provocative nude, a young girl — holding behind her back a huge knife! The sum total of the sound and image. Mr. Tambala doesn’t exactly dismiss the notion that A. R. Kane created the genre of Dreampop although he makes clear he is not so fond of labels. Rudy shares his thoughts on current music, design and why style is important, “It’s not what you play it’s the way you hold your guitar. It not what you wear it’s how your hair looks…it’s a youth thing.” He says wryly. The legacy of A. R. Kane continues with his new band, Jübl and Rudy gives us an insider’s take on the demands of his new project. This is an interview full of warmth and candor. The conversation flows seamlessly from previously unheard details about recording techniques to spot-on observations about the business of life. Rudy Tambala is a smart guy, he’s well-read, he’s articulate and he enjoys a spirited conversation. He’s sincere when he states, “Rock ’n’ roll is f–king sex! It’s the rhythm of your blood. It’s the most vital force. Without it, there isn’t any existence on this planet!” His earnest words add to the fascination of listening to a man whose creative talent has been on display for over three decades.


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