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Fight for 15 minimum wage

St. Petersburg plans to expand $15 minimum wage to all city workers

St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch announced yesterday a $15 minimum wage for all part-time workers employed by the city, expanding on a policy from 2015 that ensured a $15 minimum wage for all full-time and...
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Living wage ordinance passes in St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg City Council recently passed an ordinance that requires many companies doing business with the city to pay their employees a living wage. WMNF News interviewed Charlie Gerdes, one member of the St....

Unions fight for living wage for Disney workers

Thousands of unionized workers at Walt Disney World parks are negotiating for a wage increase and other benefits; and like what happened after previous wage hikes, the laborers hope that if they win a victory,...

Radioactivity Monday:Workers plan a nationwide protest against low wages

By Rob Lorei On Radioactivity Monday we spent the hour talking with two local activists who are pushing for a 15-an-hour minimum wage and a union for low-wage workers. Bleu Rainer  is a fast-food worker and...

Fight for $15 rally in Tampa part of a bigger social & living wage movement

Strikes, walkouts and rallies in Tampa and Saint Petersburg were part of a nationwide protest demanding a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Tuesday’s events in the Tampa Bay metro area culminated with a rally...

$15 minimum wage debate hits St. Pete

Minimum wage debate hits St. Pete

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