Non-binary Florida teacher falls victim to “Don’t Say Gay” expansion law, fired for using ‘Mx.’ title

A physics teacher at Florida Virtual School was fired last month for using a gender-neutral title in class.
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New initiative sends free banned books to Floridians

Florida is one of the top states in the nation for book bans in schools. One organization is sending banned books to Floridians for free.
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banned books, First Amendment

New College of Florida trustees approve $1.3 million/year contract for controversial president Richard Corcoran

New College of Florida President Richard Corcoran is set to earn up to $1.3 million per year in salary and benefits in a five-year contract.
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Richard Corcoran

New College of Florida’s business plan is “not financially viable” according to a UF business school professor

UF business faculty: A business plan outlining sweeping changes at New College of Florida is “not financially viable” in its current state.
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New College of Florida

USF grad students want more take home pay

USF grad students want more take home pay

Art and science converge at MOSI 3-D printer exhibit

Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry showcases the emerging frontiers of 3D printing

Pro-Palestine divestment effort fails at USF Tampa

Pro-Palestine divestment effort fails at USF

HIV/AIDS infections an epidemic among African-Americans

Florida HIV infection rates have increased recently in two groups: gay and bisexual males, and African-American females. WMNF’s Josh Holton reports from today’s National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS conference at the University of South...

Tampa locals speak out on the new Health Bill

With the health care bill passing the U.S. House last night, many Republicans are outraged, Democrats are encouraged, and some don’t seem to really know anything about the bill. Today, WMNF asked students and Tampa...

Climate change impacts public health.

Climate change affects the world in many ways, but one of the least discussed problems arises from its impact on public health. George Luber is the Associate Director for Climate Change for the National Center...

Cold weather continues, and so does the threat of climate change.

Does the recent cold snap prove global warming is wrong? Not according to Lonnie Thompson, an adviser to Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenitent Truth. He spoke at the University of South Florida in Tampa today...

A look inside Islam

A new civil rights group for Muslims sponsored a showing of the new film “Inside Islam: What a billion Muslims really think.” The film was at USF in Tampa last Saturday night, and was designed...

local hatian

East Carolina coach Skip Holtz will be the next head coach for the USF Bulls, accepting USF’s offer this morning. The University has been looking for a coach since firing Jim Leavitt last Friday. The...

USF hosts second US-Dutch dialogue on climate change

Mitigating the effects of climate change, such as potential drought and sea level rise is a concern for planners in both the U.S. and the Netherlands. Today at USF, representatives from both countries shared strategies...

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