DeSantis signs into law a ban on selling or manufacturing lab-grown meat in Florida

In addition to banning lab-grown meat, the law also prevents local regulation of electric-vehicle charging stations.

PETA Challenges Florida Bills Proposing Preemptive Ban on Cell-Cultured Meat

Listen:   In response to proposed bills by Florida lawmakers, PETA strongly criticizes the preemptive ban on cell-cultured meat. PETA, calls for renaming the bills to “Special Interests’ Dirty Habits Retention Act of 2024,” Campaign...

Mark Reinfeld–award-winning vegan chef, author, educator–discusses his colorful career path and cultural shifts in attitudes about veganism

Mark Reinfeld— the award-winning vegan chef and author of numerous books, including “Healing The Vegan Way: Plant-Based Eating for Optimal Health and Wellness”—returns as a guest on "Talking Animals," this time offering more early biographical...

Director of “Meat The Future” doc discusses her extended foray into the world of cultivated meat

Liz Marshall—a documentary director whose latest film, “Meat The Future,” examines the realm of “cultivated meat,” generated in a lab setting, from animal cells, but these animals remain unharmed—explains in a recent “Talking Animals” interview...

How Opening A Vegan Eatery Led To Ongoing Interstate Animal Adoption

Ellen Quinlan—executive director of the Darbster Foundation (& Darbster Rescue), whose chief mission involves plucking cats and dogs from crowded south Florida shelters, and finding homes for them in the adoption-friendly New England area, with...

Conversations With Vegans

Imagine for a moment, the following scenario: You are a guest at an elegant diner party. You’re seated with the other guests at an ornately set table. The room is warm, candlelight flickers across crystal...

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