Tampa activist helps refugees in Europe

Police in Calais near where refugees sleep

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A Tampa activist is helping refugees in Europe; Dezeray Lyn works with several activist groups including Food Not Bombs Tampa and Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. She’s assisting refugees now in Western Europe through her group Love Has No Borders, documenting the crisis and providing medical and other assistance.

WMNF interviewed her in early January.

On Sunday 7 January, she wrote on Facebook: ‘Police today have attacked old lydle camp, pepper spraying the tent of a father and seriously injuring another. We rushed to the site and stood with Migrant comrades against french police- I took this photo of the pepper spray on his tent and blankets.
“I am man. I am not animal. Why police do this to me?”‘

We also checked in on a migration issue in the Florida Legislature – a crackdown on what are called sanctuary cities. It’s a story from Florida Public Radio’s Kate Payne who writes that Florida’s Speaker of the House is promising to pass a bill restricting sanctuary policies this week during the first week of the 2018 legislative session. That’s despite arguments that the plan is unconstitutional.

And we heard from a Tampa Bay Times staff writer to find out about how the state is responding to derelict petroleum tanks. Times staff writer Craig Pittman reports on 19,000 underground petroleum storage tanks that are no longer in use around Florida. Pittman reports that they might be leaking toxins into the drinking water supply.

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