The Scoop: Fri. May 24th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

The National Ocean Atmospheric Association reported as many as 25 named storms for this year's storm season.
migrants / immigration

A judge revisits his ruling that blocked part of a Florida immigration law

A federal judge Thursday appeared to have second thoughts about a preliminary injunction he issued blocking a Florida immigration law.

The Scoop: Thur. May 23th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Jude blocks Florida Law that its a felony to transport immigrants in Florida
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

A judge blocks part of a Florida immigration law

A federal judge blocked a key part of a 2023 law championed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that cracked down on undocumented immigration.
migrants / immigration

Florida tangles with the feds over an immigration case

Florida and the federal government disagree on if the state can challenge Biden administration on migrants being released from detention.
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

A federal appeals court looks at whether Florida has standing to challenge Biden administration immigration policies

A federal appeals court is looking at whether Florida could legally challenge Biden administration immigration policies.

The Complexities Of Families

Maureen Sun – The Sisters K In her original, masterful, debut novel, Maureen Sun dissects the unfolding tragedy about sisters and family and the hostile undercurrents of love and hate keeping them together. After years...
medical worker

With undocumented immigrants at 4% of state population, critics dispute $566 million cost to healthcare system

Listen: The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration released new data showing the financial costs of undocumented immigrants on the state’s healthcare system. But with undocumented immigrants being only 4% of the state population, critics...

Florida Guns Fuel Haiti Violence

A 2023 United Nations report exposes schemes through Florida gun show straw buyers to funnel guns into Haiti. As violence escalates into Haiti suburbs Florida is proving to be unwelcoming sending forces to return asylum-seekers...
Identification card

Ron DeSantis signs a bill making it more difficult for people who are undocumented to get identification in Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed three bills that proponents argue will be deterrents to undocumented immigrants coming to Florida.

Haiti Crisis, U.S. and World Paralysis

Hands off Haiti! Over two centuries ago, the people of Haiti defeated European colonialism and established the world’s first Black republic. Today in the face of chaos people are taking on the fight for their...
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

Court arguments will be on April 9 in a lawsuit alleging Florida illegally withheld records on migrant flights

An appeals court scheduled arguments for April 9 in a lawsuit about Florida withholding records on migrant flights.

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