Tampa Bay Times reporter pens new book on filipina ‘Leper Spy’ Josefina Guerrero

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By Rob Lorei

Our guest on Radioactivity Tuesday was Tampa Bay Times reporter Ben Montgomery who has written a new book  called The Leper Spy:The Story of an Unlikely Hero of World War II about World War II and a Filipina women named Josefina ‘Joey’ Guerrero. Guerrero  was a spy for the US in the Philippines under Japan’s 3 year occupation of that country. She was afflicted with leprosy, which actually helped her in her work since Japanese troops were fearful of the disease and were reluctant to search her. After the war, she advocated for fellow leprosy suffers after being exposed to the unsanitary conditions and lack of medical care at a leper colony. Author Ben Montgomery will be speaking at the Tampa Bay Times’ festival of reading on Saturday, November 12th.