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Ziegler investigation deepens

Sarasota police have obtained a third warrant in their investigation of Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler, who is accused of rape. There’s probable cause to believe Ziegler also committed video voyeurism. The accuser said she would only participate with Bridgette’s participation. Christian allegedly disregarded this stipulation and proceeded to initiate sex anyway at the accuser’s home. Christian has flouted calls to step down, even from Governor Ron DeSantis.


State to regulate charging stations

Republican Senate Agriculture Chairman Jay Collins of Tampa included a prohibition in a bill that includes a wide range of issues related to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Under the proposal, regulation of electric-vehicle charging stations would be controlled by the state under “preemption” of local authority. Under current law, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services oversees such things as requirements for posting prices at charging stations.


Flag flying restrictions

A Senate Republican this week proposed a bill that would restrict the types of flags that can be flown by local governments, schools, and colleges, including possibly preventing LGBTQ pride flags. Under SB 1120, government agencies could not “display a flag that represents a political viewpoint, including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint.”


Threatened snakes found in the wild

Conservationists are celebrating a recent find of two federally threatened snake hatchlings out in the wild, in Liberty County’s Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve. The good news suggests a species reintroduction program based at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is working.


Israel to lower intensity

The Israeli military will pull thousands of troops out of the Gaza Strip. The move could set the stage for a new long-term phase of lower-intensity fighting against the Hamas militant group. Israel has been under pressure from its chief ally, the United States, to change tack in an offensive that has led to the deaths of nearly 22,000 Palestinians.


Information from Florida Public Media, News Service of Florida, and Associated Press was used in this report.


The Scoop: Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

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