War tax refusers redirect money to civil improvement, and corporations that pay next to nothing in taxes

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On this April 15 edition of Radioactivity, we talk about taxes.

Bill Ramsey is an anti-war activist and war tax refuser, one who rejects paying the federal income tax in protest of the use of those funds in military and war efforts . He has participated in peace and social justice movements since the Vietnam War. He has resisted the war tax for just as long, an act that had once landed him in jail for 30 days. Today he works for Conscience and Military Tax Campaign Escrow Fund, a coalition of groups that holds money from refusers that would have gone to taxes and invests them in economic development projects. Every April 15 they give interest earned off this money to charity.

We then listen to “Taxes are for Suckers”, a radio documentary on corporate tax avoidance and tax breaks enjoyed by big business.