New House bill would make it harder for local governments to raise taxes

 A new bill advanced in the State House today making it harder for local Florida governments to raise property taxes. 
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A Florida House panel signs off on a tax plan

The Florida House Ways & Means Committee approved a proposed $647.3 million tax-cut package with breaks to businesses and shoppers.
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Bill to make it more difficult for cities and counties to hike property taxes continues moving through the Florida House

The Florida House continued moving forward with a bill that could make it harder for cities and counties to approve property tax increases.
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Tax credits proposed for child care in Florida

A proposal to provide tax breaks to businesses that operate child-care facilities for employees got support Monday in the Florida House.
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Florida’s 2024 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

Florida’s 2024 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday ends January 14th. Here are the details, according to the Florida Dept. of Revenue's website.
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Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether Hillsborough County Aviation Authority properties should be tax-exempt

The properties were leased to private businesses for such things as fixed-base operations, aircraft maintenance and repair and fueling.
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Clearwater Republican State Representative Ed Hooper proposes a yearly tax on electric vehicle owners in Florida

Under Ed Hooper's bill, Florida electric vehicle owners would pay a registration fee aimed at helping make up for lost gas-tax dollars.

Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday kicks off Saturday

Saturday marks the start of Florida’s second Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday. It runs through Friday, Sept. 8.
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Florida tax projections get a $2.77 billion bump

Economists added $2.77 billion to Florida’s general-revenue tax projections for the current fiscal year and next fiscal year.
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Florida lawmakers pass a $117B budget & end the session

Florida lawmakers finalized a $117 billion budget and a $1.3 billion tax package to end a session with many of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ priorities.
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A new bill is being proposed in Florida to reduce taxes on affordable housing

A new bill (SB 220 and HB 229)is being proposed that would reduce taxes on affordable housing units in Florida.

Mitch McConnell publicly disavows proposal by Rick Scott to raise taxes

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a public dispute with Florida Senator Rick Scott. The two disagree about raising taxes.
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Hillsborough tax collector says Florida rule costs county millions

A few years ago the state Legislature made county tax collector offices perform some motor vehicle and driver license services. But that means the local offices are losing millions because the fees they charge don’t...

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