WMNF Board President on the reinstatement of Rob Lorei

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In February, WMNF news and public affairs director Rob Lorei was fired. He filed a grievance with the station’s board of directors and its president announced the board’s decision on the WMNF airwaves at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“This is assistant News and Public Affairs Director Seán Kinane and I am speaking with David Harbeitner who is the President of the Board of Directors of WMNF. The Board has gone through a grievance process after news director Rob Lorei was fired. David you have come up with a decision?”

“Yes, Sean. The Board has reached the decision to reinstate Rob to his role as News and Public Affairs director at WMNF. We believe that both Rob and Craig Kopp, the station general manager, can and should play a critical role in the present and future of WMNF. This event, unfortunately, has reinforced the value of WMNF and the impact we have in the local community, particularly in regards to News and Public Affairs. It also has heightened our commitment to support the Tampa Bay community and to give a voice to the under-served.”

And Rob will be back on Monday Morning.

“That is correct.”

Listen to the interview here:

Here is the full statement from the board of directors.