WMNF earns double finalist recognition at FABJ awards in Orlando

Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists
WMNF's Seán Kinane and WaveMakers hosts Tom And Janet Scherberger at the FABJ Awards Ceremony in Orlando. 2024 April 20 By WMNF.

WMNF has earned two prestigious finalist spots at the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists (FABJ) awards, an outstanding testimony to their journalistic ability. The winners and finalists, which were unveiled in Orlando, honor WMNF’s dedication to insightful reporting and its special capacity to draw attention to important issues that are frequently missed by the mainstream press. 

The first nomination, written by Tom and Janet Scherberger of the Wavemakers Show – “How a Tiny Non-Profit Startup Broke the Year’s Biggest Florida Politics Story,” provides insight into the unique path taken by a non-profit to shed light on a vital political narrative that was being misconstrued by mainstream media. This article highlights the critical role of independent media in keeping authority accountable while also delving into the nuances of Florida politics, demonstrating WMNF’s commitment to investigative journalism. 

Listen to the podcast:

Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists
WMNF’s Seán Kinane and WaveMakers hosts Tom And Janet Scherberger at the FABJ Awards Ceremony in Orlando. 2024 April 20 by WMNF.

The second finalist recognition, for Education Reporting, was awarded to WMNF in honor of their series “Big Changes to New College of Florida After the Governor Installed New Trustees.” This recognition demonstrates WMNF’s dedication to providing comprehensive coverage of state-wide topics about education. The series delves into how legislative state actions affect educational institutions and provides important insights into how Florida’s educational environment is shifting. 

Listen to the stories by WMNF News reporters Chris Young, Seán Kinane, Ta’Leah Van Sistine and Josh Holton below:

The achievement of WMNF at the FABJ awards is evidence of its unrelenting commitment to quality journalism and its everlasting emphasis on informing the community. Even though it is a small volunteer-based radio, WMNF has proven it can thrive on a state scale, demonstrating the capacity of independent radios to spark important dialogues and bring about constructive conversations.

Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists
WMNF’s Seán Kinane at the FABJ Awards Ceremony in Orlando. The WMNF News team was a finalist for education reporting. 2024 April 20 by Janet Scherberger/WMNF.

WMNF was established on its foundations of diversity and community involvement and has established itself in Florida’s media environment by uplifting all kinds of perspectives that may not otherwise be heard. Its win at the FABJ Awards highlights the station’s crucial function of giving voice to underrepresented groups.

WMNF’s double finislist nominations are evidence of how the station pushes the limits of conventional journalism and redefines the significance of community radios in the age of digital media. WMNF embodies the best that independent media can do, motivating people to embrace the importance of communicating to foster a more educated community through its unwavering dedication to transparency and charitable causes. 

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