Women’s POV discusses Government Shutdown and Non-violent Protest 9/24

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Reporting from the Land of Oz…..

    …and here the Pope has arrived…

Congress is in a knockdown, drag out battle threatening to bring government to a halt over abortion.  I really do not think this is to impress the Pope and hoping that he will forgive us for our moral failings. EMILY CROCKETT of Rh Reality Check will bring us up to date and explain the charges brought against two additional health clinics (in addition to Planned Parenthood) in Florida.

Good luck trying to navigate DC these last couple of days…

The Pope’s pronouncements and concerns about the terrible costs of non-stop warring, mysterious repercussions of income inequality and the fate of children and migrants have encouraged millions of Americans who share similar views to demonstrate.  “Please ‘El Poppa’,  Intercede for us with those who will not listen.” (No ring kissing or bowing necessary.)  JOY FIRST of The National Campaign for Non-Violent Resistance, after spending the night in jail, will give us her experience of a demonstration.

If you missed the show, you can listen at: http://www.wmnf.org/events/womens-show/.  Choose 2015-09-24 to hear this show.