Women’s Show 12/6 We Must Save Our Country from Attack Within: Tax Reform Bill + the on Attack on the Environment


Congratulations to #MeToo for winning Time Person of the Year-  This is not only a moment, but a movement that is absolutely at the right time to try to save this country.

 For starters, all of us, not only women, need to save this country from the tax reform abomination that is racing through Congress…

SARAH ANDERSON, Economic Policy Director for Institute for Policy Studies, will bring us up to date on the status of the bill, and more importantly, what we can do about trying to stop this “heist.”  Out of curiosity, why on earth didn’t the democrats suggest some counter proposals?.  If nothing else, it might stall the process and give the country time to catch up with the proposals.  Time is on the people’s side and this rush to Christmas is an effort to keep us all in the dark.

The environment is under attack…..

The truly radical transformation in the Department of Interior is intent on changing our status from energy independence to energy dominance at the expense of any and  every effort we might make to save some wild spaces for future generations.  Look beyond Secretary Zinke to some individuals who have been involved in this effort since James Watt was Director of DOI.  Ever hear of James Cason, Associate Deputy Secretary of the Interior? You need to know what he believes and is doing.  Did you know that he and others feel the DOI is not about protecting natural resources, but to be essentially an effective border patrol and to convert the DOI into a profit making business.  You will know about him and his colleagues  and their efforts after our guest ADAM FEDERMANa reporting fellow with the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute. His writing has appeared in The Nation, The Guardian, Salon, Columbia Journalism Review, Utne Reader, Gastronomica, CounterPunch, Adirondack Life, Adirondack Explorer and other publications. He is the recipient of a Polk Grant for Investigative Reporting.  Federman brings us up to date on what is happening. Zinke and others might think that all they want for Christmas is a lump of coal, but not what I want or what the nation needs. Tune into From a Woman’s POV Thursday at 10 am.

Get on your phones, people.  Get to your representatives offices.  We have work to do!

I repeat, we are being attacked!

Again, thanks for your support!

Mary and Arlene

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