Women’s Show 1/26 – Women’s March and Moving Forward

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The good, the bad, the ugly…

The tweets are coming like Nano-bullets and we are realizing the constitution and our government are the targets.  But no matter how much things are changing, some things remain the same.  One of the first acts was to kick the political football of the global gag rule off the field.  Republicans and democrats have been exchanging this football since Reagan.  Too bad millions of women’s lives are at stake.  But one of the first things Trump signed was an attack on ACA with millions of American lives at stake.  I think that’s the bad and the ugly.

The good – The Women’s March last Saturday.  There are moments in life when the connectedness of human beings becomes manifest.  It is not only the physicality of the crowd, but the integrating of the emotion and the ideas, the hopes, the fears manifest as in energy – a force, if you will, that goes beyond any individual.  The collective energy of all of those individuals – women, men and children in the United States and throughout the world – was far more than a political demonstration.  It was a manifestation of the primal continuum of being of which we are all a part – Mother Earth if you will, the vessel of life made tangible.  It is good in these times to be reminded that we are of this continuum.

We will review The Women’s March.  AMY WEINTRAUB and SUSANNE BENTON from St. Pete/Pinellas will join us.  And JESSICA MASON PIEKLO, unapologetic feminist and social justice warrior, writer, one half of Team Legal at Rewire, will put on her legal hat and will discuss the constitutionality of these issues.

Tune in at 10 AM Thursday to hear more.  Catch us on the archives (http://www.wmnf.org/events/womens-show/)  if you miss the show Thursday,  Contact us during the show at [email protected] or call 813-239-9663.  You can also text us at 813-433-0885.

Peace and love to all,

Mary and Arlene