Women’s Show on Freedom 11/12

Arthur: Jonathunder

It pays to read the fine print…But by what authority are they “stacking the deck of justice?”  Did you know that on most credit card agreements, buried on a back page reads, “the company may elect to resolve any claim by individual arbitration,”  and over the past few years it has been difficult to apply for a credit card, get cell phone service or cable or Internet service or shop online without agreeing to private arbitration of any dispute?  The same applies to getting a job, renting a car or placing a relative in a nursing home.  What is this about?  The constitution initially wasn’t signed because people did not feel protected to have their day in court. It took the Bill of Rights to assure then they would have the right  to a jury trial. How and who is taking this right away from us?  On Thursday’s show at 10 we will have guest JOANNE DOROSHOW, Executive Director of the Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School, to discuss this.

Remember when a man at a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida felt threatened by the loud music of a group of teenagers parked next to him and fired into their car, killing Jordan Davis, an unarmed black teenager?  He said he felt threatened and stood behind the “Stand Your Ground” law.  Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis’ mother, challenged an Evangelical minister, Rev. Rob Schenck and asked how he could be prolife and pro-gun?  The film, “The Armor of Light,” delves into their discussions and the unlikely alliance between Rev. Schenck and Lucy McBath.  Perhaps the most profound statement is the Rev. Schenck asking some of his followers, “Have we allowed the Second Amendment to stand in place of the Second Commandment?” Or as Lucy McBath says, “We have replaced God with our gun.” 

Some good films are still coming up in the festival.  It concludes Sunday, November 15.     ABIGAIL DISNEY, Executive Producer and Director, “The Armor of Light,” will discuss the film, “The Armor of Light,” which will be shown Friday, November 13 at 11:30 AM and Saturday the 14th at 2:30 PM.  Both screenings will be at Burns Court Cinema in Sarasota.

 Make sure to tune into From a Woman’s POV Nov. 12th at 10 am!

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