Women’s Show – “Rewriting the Rules” and Clean Water

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Photo by Brian Simms

We are happy to be back after a two-week break….thanks to those who let us know you missed us…..

We hope you enjoyed the convention coverage by Democracy Now!  Less than 100 days to go…  And it was a very historic moment for women.  It is a milestone for there to be a woman candidate from a majority party.  It took almost 100 years since we got the vote!  In upcoming shows we will discuss some of the historic and political significance.  In the meantime, we hope that all little girls indeed see that a woman can be the leader of this nation.

I don’t know about you, but as I watched both conventions, I kept wondering how the true issues of people can be addressed and implemented.  We read the platforms and listened to the speeches, but we all know that in the exigencies of reality, campaign promises dissipate like clouds in the sky.

Income inequality…TPP…jobs…economic growth but with equality…  How do we go about it?  NELL ABERNATHY, Vice President, Research and Policy for the Roosevelt Institute will address this.  Nell developed and managed the Inequality Project led by Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz, and coauthored “Rewriting the Rules” with Professor Stiglitz.  They feel that income inequality is not a given, it is a choice.  And the top 1% choose not to share, and the rules – either written or unwritten – are rigged to allow the disparity.  They feel if we do not act to change the rules that cover our entire economy, from the financial sectors to the corporate structure, tax policies, the shadow bankers and campaign finance reform, we will continue to knee jerk policy and not change the rules of this unfair game.  Though it must go through politics, it goes deeper, and goes to the very heart of our democracy.

A little closer to home, here in Florida, the Environmental Regulation Commission approved the new water quality rules on a narrow 3-2 vote.  What do you think?  Are you happy to have a little more benzene in your water?  Perhaps allow fracking in Florida?

LINDA YOUNG, Executive Director of the Clean Water Network of Florida will talk about the proposed changes and the possibilities that the EPA might reject the rules and order the state to reverse it.

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