Florida resident says pipeline construction is harming her land

Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

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A property owner in Citrus County says part of her land was scarred by Sabal Trail pipeline construction Wednesday. Kathy Lane lives on five acres about midway between Crystal River and Dunnellon in a rural development called Mini Farms. Lane says her property owners association sold an easement for construction of the pipeline, but it didn’t include her property. Still, her mailbox and part of her fence were destroyed Wednesday.

“The mailbox, the base of it is concrete, that was pushed aside and the mailbox was gone. There was track marks all over my front lawn from heavy equipment. So, of course, I lost it and I called the sheriff’s department and the officer–Lakatis was his name–said, ‘What do you want me to do?'”

On your private property? The people constructing Sabal Trail pipeline came and destroyed your mailbox and destroyed your fence?

“Fence. But, they’re saying they didn’t.”

Did you give them permission?


“I have an eminent domain attorney and he said they would not be coming on my property.”

Is there a trench or is it just cleared trees?

“Well, I had grass there, but, I don’t have grass there now. It’s the street and then you have to go down a little bit into my driveway. So it’s just as if somebody just took a bulldozer and plowed, like, my fence to where they wanted it to be. Does that make sense?

“Then the other fence, on the other side, is completely missing. It’s gone. Like, the fence is gone.

“And then the sheriff’s department; the police officer is like: ‘What did you do with your mailbox?’ Like I picked up a rod iron, 75-pound mailbox myself. I’m 5’1”.

“I said, ‘I didn’t take it. It’s gone!'”

Has the work resumed today?

“Yes! I posted videos this morning, on my Facebook. Trees are coming down. Yes. You have heavy equipment, but, today the heavy equipment–if you look at my Facebook page–it’s out in full force.

“They’re across the street from me and they’re right next door on my neighbor’s property. They’re drilling right down in the middle of his property. They paid him money.”

But, they didn’t pay you. Did they notify you?

“No. I’ve had an eminent domain attorney for 5 years. They said they would be a foot past the end of my driveway. Not on my property, ripping down my fence.”

Meanwhile, protests are continuing at several sites in Florida where additional construction of the Sabal Trail pipeline is occurring. Last weekend about 100 people took place in demonstrations in two actions along the pipeline trail, one at the Santa Fe River in Branford and another in Live Oak.

Marrillee Malwitz-Jipson is with the Sierra Club.

“Actions that were created through an ad hoc organizational effort of just citizens and organizations that wanted to stop Sabal Trail, this weekend in North Florida. The most eventful thing that happened is that people drove here to be a part of these actions from as far away as Ft. Lauderdale, to participate in the Sacred Water Camp activities.

“There were approximately 100 people, in two different actions, in North Florida along the pipeline trail. They’re trying to stop Sabal Trail Gas Transmission from putting a dangerous, destructive, pipeline into the karstic soils of North Florida and on top of the Floridan aquifer.

“The first action was in Branford at the Santa Fe River and another action was done later in the day at Live Oak.

“The word is spreading about the destructive pipeline. Citizens are becoming aware of the type of work the construction company is capable of and the speed with which they are trying to accomplish their deadlines is making residents that have to live with this pipeline extremely uneasy.

“No arrests were made this weekend, but, one officer from the local Gilchrist County Sheriff’s department made numerous threats of arrests and also towing. In the end of the morning a very peaceful demonstration at the Santa Fe river location, which appeared to have shut down the work for at least 4 hours, as the police and pipeline workers watched us parade back and forth for hours. The work in Live Oak shut down the work for approximately 3 hours, as a result of the demonstrations of people at each work site, on public roads.

“So, all in all, we’re still very active in the state of Florida, campaigning against Sabal Trail. More and more people are becoming more aware as a result of all these actions and activities and rallies and protests across the state of Florida, trying to protect our valuable water resource.

“I am absolutely grateful for all the public participation and it’s encouraging to know that people want to get out, even seeing the destructive nature of this pipeline being built in our soils. People still want to get out and participate and stand their ground against this pipeline.”

Malwitz-Jipson says there were no arrests during the Sabal Trail pipeline protests last weekend.

Activists are posting online that horizontal drilling is expected to begin in the coming days.

Here’s more WMNF coverage of the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Here’s one of the videos posted on Kathy Lane’s Facebook page:


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      Why are you deleting your comments?

  • Hashtag is #StopSabalTrail for Twitter and Facebook to see the latest posts.

  • Gama_Donna_May

    There are many more than just two organized protests. The protests are not getting news coverage. I wonder why. I’ve personally contact via email and Websites the news media in Orlando and yet they’re paying no attention. We are in danger of becoming a State full of areas just like Flint. #WaterIsLife #StopSabalTrailPipeline #crystalwatercamp. ….
    Dec 5th
    Dec 5th
    Dec 11th
    Dec 15th

    • DiscourseDiatribe

      The great state of Florida has felony tresspass laws. Go ahead get you done if that.

      Put a felony conviction on your resume.

      • Ronald Reedy

        It don’t be great much longer

    • DiscourseDiatribe

      Flint Michigan – About half of the service lines to homes in Flint are made of lead and because the water wasn’t properly treated, lead began leaching into the water supply, in addition to the iron.

      So in effect you are misleading and not being truthful regarding natural gas pipelines. In other words you are not telling the truth by implying that Florida will become like flint Michigan because of a natural gas pipeline.

      Like the woman railing about mail boxes and fences,when the facts come out you are proven to be blatantly wrong regarding outlandish claims by saying Florida will be like flint Michigan because of a natural gas pipeline that has absolutley nothing to to with lead contamination leaching from water pipes to residential homes.

      People like you got Trump elected.

  • Ronald Reedy

    In the very near future they will be boring under the Kissimmee Rive that flows through our Heartland in Florida. The Kissimmee River flows into the largest lake in Florida, Lake Okeechobee. If this pipeline is allowed to continue a rupture of the pipe would not only effect Kissimmee River but also Lake Okeechobee.


    • DiscourseDiatribe

      Natural gas is lighter than air, this is not an oil pipeline.

      Ignorance of what you are protesting makes you look foolish and silly.

      • Ronald Reedy

        Fracked gas is limited and will run out. Then they can push anything through that pipe they want to and probably will, including tar sand oil. Majority of its going to be exported anyway. That is the reason for the spur lines heading to the different ports.

        The company that will be installing the pipeline is Spectra Energy which has a history of accidents and violations. On June 2, 2015, they had a pipeline rupture beneath the Arkansas River, near Little Rock, causing the U.S. Coast Guard to shut down two miles of the river. Spectra has been fined by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration several times, and were fined $134,500 in 2012. Does this sound like a good idea to send a pipeline through the fragile environment of Florida?

        You might want to do your homework. That way you won’t appear foolish and silly.

        • DiscourseDiatribe

          I do and did. The Arkansas river was caused by a boat anchor.


  • DiscourseDiatribe

    Yeah go watch the video of this raving lunatic cussing like a drunken sailor. Go get a good look at this belligerent hostile person.

    There is a reason the Sherrif’s Dept does not deal with her.

    Go to the face book page dunnellen needs to know and see for yourselves what the pipeline company and Sherrif’s dept has to deal with.

    See for yourselves, they proudly posted for all to see what they are all about.

    The salient point here is that these people are liars bordering on lunacy! None of her claims can be proven in a court of law, their lies and propaganda grow larger by each telling.

    Like al gores hockey stick and the hbo documentary “gas land” and the self admitted corrupt data for global warming is a fraud.

    This is the exact reason President Trump got elected! This inability of these people to accept reason and logic is beyound the pale and they need to be called on it.

    Here’s an idea, let’s all check back in a month or two to see if she was telling the truth?

    No? I didn’t think so.

  • DiscourseDiatribe

    Ok now I’m back, did this woman file a damage claim with the Sherrif’s Dept ?

    If so what is the status ?