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Friday August 1, 2014


Florida Governor Rick Scott congratulates Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn on record tourism numbers.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Rick Scott touts Florida tourism record as job booster

Tourism marketers in Florida are hoping to see at least 100 million trips to the state this year. The latest numbers are out for first quarter and they broke records.

The announcement Thursday at Busch Gardens by Visit Florida was heralded by Governor Rick Scott as a huge win for Floridians.

“Think about it. We want more jobs in our state. Tourism is a big driver. When people come here as tourists they buy homes, they buy cars, they think, ‘man, this is a nice place to live.’”

And a...

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Labor activists lined the sidewalk in front of McDonald's on Kennedy Boulevard hoping to grow support for livable wages.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Labor activists continue push for $15 minimum wage and fast food unions

More than 50 fast food workers and their allies flooded the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s on Kennedy Boulevard near downtown Tampa early Thursday morning protesting what they’re calling poverty wages. The rally is part of a worldwide worker’s strike that spans more than 150 cities on 6 continents.

Protesters carried signs saying $15 and a union highlighting their push for a nationwide minimum wage of $15 dollars an hour and the right to unionize without fear of repercussion. Critics of ...

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photo by Guillaume Paumier/Flickr

Same-sex couple denied divorce in Tampa and new developments on Florida shooting of a young Chechen man by FBI agent

Today on Radioactivity, we discuss a story taking place here in Tampa, where a Hillsborough circuit judge has refused to grant a divorce to same-sex couple originally married in Massachusetts. The women seeking divorce plan to appeal and Rob Lorei speaks to the attorneys handling their case - Brett Rahall and Ellen Ware.

Later Rob speaks with Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of Counsel on American Islamic-Relations (CAIR) Florida Chapter about the latest update on a shooting that ...

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Understanding net neutrality and a new book examines treating disease in America

This week on From A Woman's POV we cover Net Neutrality and Medical Challenges in treating disease.

There are BILLIONS, if not TRILLIONS of dollars in “them there hills” – and it is all about digital information. The SEC has to decide – is the ISP a telecommunications carrier in which you decide and choose what you want coming in, or is it an information provider which has some say in your choice? JODIE GRIFFIN, Senior Staff Attorney at [Public Knowledge](http://www.publicknowledge...

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Political Update

Today on the Last Call, Warren Elly speaks to Journalism Professor and former Political Consultant and Reporter Wayne Garcia on Politics of the day including craft beer, medical marijuana, race, Marco Rubio.

That anti-craft beer bill promoted by the powerful and moneyed Beer Distributors of Florida failed to make it to law by the end of the Legislative session. Based on emails and phone calls, Floridians don’t seem to care much about Stand your Ground or Extending Health Insurance benefit...

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Hillsborough County School Board members and staff discuss ongoing problems with the district's transportation system.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Hillsborough County Schools one step closer to 100 new buses

Hillsborough County School Board members will vote on a proposal to buy 100 new school buses at their next meeting in June. During a workshop Wednesday, Superintendent MaryEllen Elia said most of the more than $10 million cost will come from funding already set aside in this year’s budget for buses.

“That funding is still available and we have identified in our next five year plan which begins in July – we’ve identified the cost there. So, we have the money to purchase 100 buses.”

$7 m...

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photo by University Press of Florida

New book explores the history of Florida's Lake Apopka and the impact of pesticides on farm workers

Just a few miles to the west and north of Orlando- sits Lake Apopka. The third largest lake in Florida. It was once home to some of the best freshwater fishing in all of Florida. The lake supported thousands of birds and alligators.

In the early 1940’s the lowlands surrounding Lake Apopka were turned into farms- some of the most productive farms in all of Florida. the soil was some of the richest in the state. At the same time- what were then modern chemicals were used in large amounts- D...

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Dating website says growing number of single moms and female college students are seeking older, wealthy men to help with finances

With the cost of attending college increasing 60% in the last decade, many Florida co-eds are resorting to a new form of financial aid: dating. One million college students worldwide have joined a dating website, in hopes of securing a wealthy benefactor to help pay for college. The website says the average student earning $3,000 a month.

And to combat low wages and the financial burdens of parenting, many single mothers are turning to a Sugar Daddy dating site.

Today on Radioactivit...

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Governor Scott and Cabinet approve new south Florida nuclear reactors

Florida Governor Rick Scott and the three members of the Cabinet are green lighting a plan to build two nuclear reactors in South Florida.

Scott and the state's three other elected officials on Tuesday voted in favor of the plan that would allow Florida Power & Light to add nuclear generators at its existing Turkey Point facility near Homestead. The project would add approximately 2,200 megawatts of power or enough for an estimated 750,000 homes.

The state's largest utility also got app...

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