A Conversation With Penelope Trappes

“How would you describe myself,” Penelope Trappes says with a hint of irony as we begin a lengthy conversation. That modicum of irony is ever-present in Trappes work, from the visual imagery to the soundscapes she creates, consistently selecting a serious noir color palette. Yet, Penelope refuses to stay hidden behind a gloom and doom visage, often allowing herself to chuckle or make an irreverent quip or two. During our conversation, Ms. Trappes gracefully maneuvers from expounding on women in the creative world to describing the quirkiness of South England’s famed seafront town, Brighton. Just as easily, she dons a fan-girl persona when talking about encountering the aura of her idol, Björk. Penelope Trappes was born and raised in Australia and now resides in Brighton, she prefers to call her music, ethereal soundscapes, she is also a filmmaker and photographer, and involved in other areas of creative expression. Her trio of albums, Penelope One, Penelope Two, and Penelope Three are essential for your collection as is her forthcoming release, Heavenly Spheres. This is the result of experimenting with only her voice and an upright piano, plus an old German reel-to-reel tape machine. Do listen carefully to our conversation and Penelope’s music. Your feedback is always welcome. Show 500

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