Mondays On WMNF

Grant Hart

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Our new program schedule has officially kicked into gear. We got off to a great start in the morning with Grant Hart who just switched from her over night show Grave’s Pizza Party to Monday Mornings from 6-9am.

News & Public Affairs

Our NPA Block features some more familiar voices. As always, Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! remains at the 9am hour, but we have added The Health And Nutrition Show and Sustainable Living on WMNF to the line up every Monday, both for a full hour. We are excited to hear from Dr. Fred and the Sustainable crew every week instead of every other.

Afternoon Music

Also familiar, and just shifting time slightly, Flee and Bobby D will hold down the fort in the afternoons bringing you new and classic music from Noon – 6PM.

Blues Night On WMNF

Rounding out the evening we have a new night of pure Blues. Mo’ Blues Monday will kick it off from 6-9PM, with a Blues flavored Route 66 at 9PM and DJ Deacon hosting at 11PM.

Overnight Programs

Izzy K will be bringing a new show to WMNF to kick of the new Monday-Tuesday overnight programming aptly titled Midnight Rock ‘n’ Soul. Followed by the Craig Huegel with an extended version of The Waking Hours.

Have Questions About the Changes?

If you have questions about what is new, changing, or just where to find your favorite shows in the new line up: check out the new program schedule here. Also, you can join Program Director Sam Hval and Director of News and Public Affairs on-air Tuesday at 11AM for a conversation about the new schedule.