In Announcing Candidacy for GOP Nomination for Governor Sen. Jack Latvala Says Term Limits Have Not Helped the Culture in Tallahassee

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Good morning,
Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up- Clearwater Senator Jack Latvala announces he’s running for the Republican nomination for governor. He says he thinks eight year term limits for Florida office holders have not been a positive thing in Tallahassee. He’s open to extending term limits to twelve years. He’ll be our guest in a moment.
And President Trump triples down—again taking the side of White nationalists in a series of morning tweets.

But first—five comments about yesterday’s program. Yesterday we heard the President’s press conference from Trump Tower where he blamed both sides for the deadly violence in Charlottesville.
Here’s what five listeners had to say.


Clearwater Republican state Senator Jack Latvala yesterday made it official- he’s running for the Republican nomination for governor next year. In a possible four way race—between Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, House Speaker Richard Corcoran, and Northeast Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis— Latvala is widely perceived to have the most moderate record on the environment and unions. But moderate is a dirty word these days to many Republican primary voters. Can he win in a four way Republican primary? And in the past he’s been critical of newly elected freshman legislators with no experience quickly planning how they will win leadership positions such as House Speaker. I spoke with Latvala yesterday.