banned books, First Amendment

A judge rejects shielding for Florida school officials in the fight over a banned book

“And Tango Makes Three” tells the story of two male penguins who raised a penguin chick at New York’s Central Park Zoo.
banned books, First Amendment

Plaintiffs ask judge to order books returned to Escambia school shelves

Plaintiffs against the Escambia County School Board asked a judge to order officials to return to the shelves seven banned books.

Hillsborough School Board member Jessica Vaughn on electronic devices in schools and other education issues

Hillsborough County Public Schools could have a new policy on mobile phones and other electronic devices this summer.
education classes teacher school

Florida governor signs bills including one for security at Jewish day schools

A new Florida law creates a state program to help boost security at Jewish day schools and preschools.
Art teacher in a school classroom with students

Tampa Bay area teachers ask: How many more teachers will leave Florida like we are?

Florida is actively signaling to educators, “don’t come here, we don’t want you.” If you are teaching in Florida, leave.
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The Florida High School Athletic Association approves NIL pay rules for student-athletes

Florida student-athletes could earn NIL money from business agreements such as endorsement deals.
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An appeals court will consider Florida’s pronouns law in September

A federal appeals court will hear arguments over a 2023 Florida law to restrict educators’ use of personal pronouns and titles in schools.
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FEA criticizes Florida for keeping a history standard touting the benefits of slavery

A standard says, “Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”
pronouns they them

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s bylaws now say “sex” instead of “gender”

The State Board of Education approved changes in the Florida High School Athletic Association’s bylaws, replacing “gender” with “sex.”

Florida more than doubles the amount of vouchers for homeschooling

A Florida voucher program for home school students that began in the 2023-2024 school year is on pace to double in size — at least.

Transgender Hillsborough teacher can use preferred pronouns, federal judge says

Listen: In April, a federal judge ruled that a transgender Hillsborough County teacher can use her preferred pronouns. The teacher considers this a win in a state that some may consider hostile to LGBTQ educators....
band instruments and middle school students

Arguments are set for July 1 in Florida’s fight against new federal Title IX rules

A judge will hear from Florida and other states to block a new Biden administration rule about sex-based discrimination in education programs

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