Anti-Fascist woman’s march mural

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Camilla Carrero reporting:


Woman’s History month is wrapping up with a celebration last night at the Cuban Club, where local historians discussed the significance around the unveiling of a new mural and historic marker in Ybor City. The event commemorated the 1937 Anti-Fascist Women’s March lead by at least 5,000 mostly Latina women. Artist Michelle Sawyer chronicled the women’s march in a mural on the Eastern wall of the Ybor City Development Corporation on 7th avenue and 20th street. 


I think creating something that’s beautiful, and kind of timeless, helps get the message reviewed.”


Here’s historian Dr. Sarah McNamara, the author of Ybor City: Crucible of the Latina South. Her grandmother marched in the anti-fascist protest.


What these women sought to do was to condemn the rise of fascism abroad, as well as the United States refusal to condemn it… What makes this moment the largest collective action of Latinas to protest one single at issue. Before the early 2000 moments for immigration.”


During this era, men often faced violent consequences in the face of protests and so women stepped up in ways men could not. Women organized labor unions and fought for both men’s and women’s rights during Jim Crow, paving the way for organizer’s today.