live music singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards

Singer Kathleen Edwards discusses being a part-time St. Pete resident, shows, dogs, cats, birds and more

Singer-songwriter-animal champion Kathleen Edwards discusses becoming a part-time St. Pete resident, dogs, siamese cats--and performs four songs.

Dog trainer, behaviorist & former WMNFer answers listener questions on “Ask The Trainer”

Trainer answers listener questions about dog (& cat) behavior in "Ask The Trainer"

Biologist-Author Tom Mustill describes whale landing on him while kayaking, how it transformed him personally and professionally

Tom Mustill, who’s a biologist, filmmaker, and author, discusses how he’s forever primarily identified by a 2015 incident: while kayaking with a friend, a humpback whale breached, and landing on the pair.

Telfair-Garcia reflects new trend at animal shelters nationwide: hiring social workers

Alexis Telfair-Garcia, a social worker, discusses on “Talking Animals” being recently hired at the Austin, TX animal shelter, Austin Pets Alive! (APA!)

Emily McCormack’s lifelong commitment to saving tigers

Emily McCormack, the Animal Curator at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, describes this sanctuary housing mostly big cats, and her lifelong zeal for saving tigers.

Steve Koyle seeks to reduce elephant cruelty–and improve welfare–globally

In a “Talking Animals” interview, Steve Koyle surveys his decades-long experience of caring for animals, specializing in elephants, notably by founding Elephant Care Unchained.

Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers discussed her plant-based practice on eve of Tampa Bay Veg Fest

Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers, who runs a medical clinic called The Essence of Health Wellness Clinic, describes her plant-based, concierge-style medical practice.

Author Duncan Forgey discusses his inventive debut novel, “Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale”–and its 50-year history

Author Duncan P. Forgey speaks on “Talking Animals” about his debut novel, Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale, an inventive yarn, starting with a pelican occupying the center of the story.

An organizer of the recent Florida Birding and Nature Festival enthuses about the joys of birding

Ann Paul, an organizer of the recent Florida Birding and Nature Festival, recalls with great enthusiasm how she first became interested in birds.

Dr. Eric Eisenman discusses international organization he founded providing veterinary services, training to rural areas in multiple countries

Dr. Eric Eisenman discusses founding International Veterinary Outreach (IVO), which provides veterinary services and training to rural areas in countries sorely lacking both.

Dog-loving Father Heyes discusses new animal programs at his fauna-friendly church

Father Andrew Heyes, Rector of St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in Tampa, discusses this uniquely animal-friendly church.

Project PUP has been sending therapy dogs on visits across Tampa Bay for 38 years

John Turner, the president of Project PUP, discusses the organization that, since 1984, has offered visits by therapy dogs to hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

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