“National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and World Suicide Prevention Day” on Morning Energy

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. On September 10th and throughout the month of September, many individuals, groups, and organizations take part in raising awareness about the often times stigmatized and taboo topic of suicide. September is also an opportunity to collectively spread hope to those… Read more »

Florida judge again uses DeSantis’s own case against him, says State cannot punish districts over mask mandates

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Leon County Judge John Cooper again Wednesday used Governor Ron DeSantis’s own arguments to rule against him on mask mandates. Cooper set aside a stay to his original ruling, meaning the State can no longer punish school districts for implementing mask mandates. LISTEN: In the initial judgment,… Read more »

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Florida’s new COVID reporting methods lead to misinformation on deaths, lawsuit

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Florida’s new methods for reporting COVID-19 information are causing the spread of misinformation and misleading death numbers, according to reporting from the Miami Herald. One state legislator is suing Florida for more access to that information and an epidemiologist warns COVID deaths might be on the rise…. Read more »

Judge uses DeSantis’s own defense to dismantle case for banning mask mandates in schools

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The state of Florida cannot punish school districts for implementing mask mandates with medical opt-outs. That’s the ruling handed down Friday by a Leon County judge. Gov. Ron DeSantis’s evidence for banning mandates wound up losing the case for him. LISTEN: The ruling means schools can continue… Read more »

Dr. Kampmark Diagnoses The News

Dateline: 19.00 hours ET, August 16, 2021 Dr. Binoy Kampmark is always ahead. 14 hours ahead in Melbourne. Yet, even if the learned professor were in the same dateline, you can be assured his perspective on global events would be considerably ahead of the battalions of pundits scrambling to have their voices heard on every… Read more »

Hillsborough addition means Florida’s top three school districts now have mask mandates against Gov.’s wishes

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The Hillsborough County School Board Wednesday voted to institute a 30-day mandatory mask policy. Board members voted 5-2 to institute the temporary mandate with an option for parents to opt-out, but only with a letter from a doctor. The rule goes into effect Thursday. LISTEN: Board members… Read more »