Gun Violence

The Scoop: Thur. May 16th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

The Tampa community has been addressing concerns of gun violence, handling lawsuits, that address racial allegations and Israeli bonds.
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Florida challenges a Biden administration rule on gun sellers

Florida filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new Biden administration rule that requires more gun sellers to run background checks on buyers.

Florida In Focus: New Laws, Development and Health Issues

Nicole Payne, Rep. Dianne Hart in the Sunday Forum After-show with Walter L. Smith II at WMNF Community Radio. FL State Reps, Dianne Hart, Fentrice Driskell and Susan Valdes join the Forum. Hillsborough Black Chamber...

Florida Guns Fuel Haiti Violence

A 2023 United Nations report exposes schemes through Florida gun show straw buyers to funnel guns into Haiti. As violence escalates into Haiti suburbs Florida is proving to be unwelcoming sending forces to return asylum-seekers...
Kamala Harris. Official portrait via vice president

VP Kamala Harris will discuss gun violence in Parkland, Florida

Vice President Kamala Harris will appear March 23 in Parkland to discuss gun violence and visit Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,
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The Florida House passes a bill to overturn one post-Parkland safety measure by lowering the age to buy rifles

The Florida House on Friday passed a controversial bill that would lower the minimum age from 21 to 18 to buy rifles and shotguns.

The Scoop: Wed., January 31, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Lowering the minimum age to purchase rifles and shotguns The state House panel approved a bill that would lower the minimum age to purchase rifles and shotguns from 21 to 18. If passed by the...

Democratic elected officials sound alarm on Florida’s ‘weak’ gun laws

Listen: This week is National Gun Violence Survivors Week. Elected officials met with loved ones of victims of gun violence to discuss Florida’s increasingly weak gun laws. Jonny Johnson started the non-profit Rise Up for...
guns gun violence die-in

A House Republican files a bill to allow open carry of firearms in Florida

HB 1619, filed by Rep. Mike Beltran, R-Riverview, would allow people to openly carry firearms in Florida.

Supreme Mathematics: Principles for Organization

African-Americans have created a stable institution for political empowerment: The Black Church. Other organization, including the church, Nation of Islam, fraternities and even the Hip Hop industry have organized around a principles of Supreme Mathematics....
The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

The Scoop: Fri., December 15, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Early morning shooting The Tampa Police Department has been investigating since 5 a.m. when officers responded to shots fired on the 4000 block of W Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. The victim was transported and...

Safe Streets Ybor, Bring The Funk

The owner of Crowbar, a nightclub in Tampa’s Ybor City entertainment, talks about the aftermath of a violent shooting. The community accessing the club for special events. St Petersburg,  FL City Council Member John Muhammad...

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