The Scoop: Thurs., September 28, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Progress Village’s solar progress Progress Village, in Eastern Hillsborough County, is claiming the title of the first Black community in Florida to adopt a solar...
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The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

University of South Florida receives a grant for dementia prevention

Researchers at the University of South Florida have received a grant for dementia prevention from the National Institutes of Health or NIH.
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The Scoop: Thurs., September 14, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Higher education faculty concerned A survey of higher education faculty members found concerns about the climate of higher education in Florida. UFF president, Andrew Gothard,...
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The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

Episode 19: Earnest Coney Chief Executive of CDC of Tampa

CDC of Tampa is a social service organization that is responsible for making society better by providing skills for the modern workforce, real estate for...
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It’s the HEAT and the Humidity!

Meteorologist Andy Johnson formerly of WTVT TV Channel 13, and occupational health expert Tom Bernard of USF College of Public Health, joined MidPoint to talk...
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Rebooting American Health Care. Unprecedented Behavior. Captivating Music.

Liran Einav & Amy Finkelstein – We’ve Got You Covered: Rebooting American Health Care Few of us need convincing that the American health insurance system...
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Florida nursing homes are seeing a major rise in severe violations

Florida nursing homes are seeing a rise in severe violations. These incidents have practically doubled since 2019.

“Ask the Dr. Anything” Dr. Fred Harvey answers your health questions

"The doctor is in" on the latest episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show! In this special "Ask the Dr. Anything" episode, listeners called in with their most pressing health questions and get expert advice...

Gulf War Syndrome with special guest Dr. Laila Abdullah

Follow Dr. Laila Abdullahlah's mission to uncover the truth behind Gulf War Syndrome, an illness downplayed by the VA for decades that now affects nearly 30% of Gulf War veterans, as she and Dr. Fred...

PURE or “Toilet to Tap”? What’s Going in Tampa’s Drinking Water?

The Mayor calls it "PURE." The Tampa City Council calls it "Toilet To Tap." It is the plan to mix highly treated wastewater with the City's drinking water by 2032. Environmentalists and neighborhood activists strongly...

Mastery Over Menopause with special guest Dr. Betty Murray

In this episode of Healthy Steps, Dr. Fred Harvey and Dr. Betty Murray discuss how the changes in estrogen metabolism that happen around the perimenopause period can lead to weight gain and other difficulties for...
COVID-19 vaccine

School immunizations slide in Florida

Last school year marked a more than 10-year low for Florida’s kindergarten & 7th-grade students completing all doses of required immunizations
Medicare Counselors Amy Hagel & Fran Oberne

MidPoint: Shopping for Medicare plans? SHINE can help.

FREE, UNBIASED help from trained Medicare counselors is available from SHINE Medicare to help seniors choose their Medicare health care coverage for 2023. Appointments with SHINE counselors can be made at 800-963-5337.

Leaky Gut Syndrome with special guest Dr. Cheryl Burdette

When esteemed Dr. Cheryl Burdette joins Dr. Fred Harvey on the Healthy Steps radio show to discuss gut markers, they uncover the ironic truth that leaky gut, depression, and anxiety can be caused by diet...

Giving Thanks with Meals on Wheels Tampa

Every Thanksgiving season MidPoint spotlights issues of food insecurity and we always look for "the helpers." The crew from Meals on Wheels Tampa, Cindy Vann, and Erica Leigh, and MOW super-volunteer Rebecca Fiore joined us...

Free HIV testing at health department office in Citrus County’s Lecanto

The Florida Health department in Citrus County will observe World AIDS Day with free HIV testing at the health office in Lecanto County.

The secrets of Esoteric healing with special guest Chuck Pisa

In this episode of the Healthy Steps radio show, Dr. Fred Harvey and his guest Chuck Pisa discuss the complementary energy medicine modality known as Esoteric Healing. Here's what Chuck Pisa and I cover: 1. How Esoteric...
free health dental fair

Free Health and Nutrition Expo scheduled for next Saturday

There is a free health and nutrition expo coming next Saturday, in Manatee County. There will be a variety of screenings.

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