Memorial Weekend: Black Lives

George Floyd, remembered The Forum commemorate Black U.S. military service honorable mention of Buffalo Soldiers. Discussion around the power struggles especially in Haiti and Kenyan intervention. Calls and wide range of political analysis, Listen in...

Florida Refuses Federal Summer Food Partnership, Humanitarian Crisis

Florida cited fear that “strings are attached to Federal money”. Florida let time run out before the deadline to join the Federal Summer EBT program to feed children over the next three months. The opt-out...

Fire and Ice interviewed: Richard a Black Business Owner of The Elite Factory, in the TampaBay Area

Fire and Ice interviewed: Richard a Black Business Owner of The Elite Factory, in the TampaBay Area a professional gym that welcome everyone to train and develop good health habit whether you are up...

On Zionism and Antisemitism – Maura Finkelstein shares her views

On this week’s episode of TrueTalk, Samar and Ahmed talk to Jewish author and anthropologist Maura Finkelstein, who wrote an article about Zionism, titled “Don’t be fooled – Biden is the real antisemite”. In her article,...

The Path Forward: world updates, dark money projects

The fight against threats to democracy still rests with the People News updates from the situation in Haiti and the Middle East. Discussion on threats from right-wing politicians. The dark money donors behind  GOP Project...

Pro-Palestine march through the streets of Sarasota

On Saturday about 30 pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the streets of Sarasota to demand a cease-fire in Gaza following Israel’s 6 month assault on Palestine in the wake of the surprise attack last year by...

Morningstar remains on Florida’s ‘scrutinized companies’ list because the state thinks it might label companies that do business in occupied Palestinian territories

Morningstar remains on a Florida list of “scrutinized companies” tied to the BDS movement against Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands.
Palestine Israel flags

Florida buys $50 million more Israel bonds

Florida, which also purchased Israeli bonds in October, increased its holdings of Israel bonds to $250 million.

USF students protest university funds linked to Israel/Hamas war [Updated 3/22/24]

About 30 students at the University of South Florida protested inside the Board of Trustees meeting at the Tampa campus today. Some of those students began a hunger strike to oppose university investments in companies...

Haiti Crisis, U.S. and World Paralysis

Hands off Haiti! Over two centuries ago, the people of Haiti defeated European colonialism and established the world’s first Black republic. Today in the face of chaos people are taking on the fight for their...
USA & China flags

Changes are scrapped to a controversial law restricting people from China from owning Florida land

The Florida Senate backed away from proposed changes to a controversial 2023 law that restricted people from China from owning property in the state.
USA & China flags

Florida lawmakers could scrap China-linked investments

The Florida House rolled out a proposal to divest $277 million in state pension-fund investments in Chinese state-owned companies.

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