Bradley Onishi, A Convincing Writer With A Warning. An Early Conversation With Arlo Parks. 

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Stop by Bradley Onishi’s website and you’ll notice he’s not shy about proclaiming his abilities, “Scholar, Speaker, Thought Leader” shouts the headline. Then, in the first sentence of the first paragraph, Bradley adds he is “a social commentator, scholar, writer, teacher, coach, and podcast co-host”. All perfectly valid descriptors, of course, yet he doesn’t get across how perfectly charming and articulate he is. In this age of Sell! Sell! Sell! One could take Onishi’s use of self-appraisal as more of a sales pitch than a substantive parade of abilities. In his new book, Preparing For War, Bradley Onishi delves into his past and reveals he was from his early teens a devout evangelical until seriously questioning Christianity and possibly all religions. It’s that over-the-top immersion into a belief – then absolute disbelief that prompted the question, “Should we be skeptical of your radical change of mind on Christianity, especially the White Christian Nationalist kind?” As you’ll hear in our conversation, Bradley has a well-considered answer. This is why listening to Bradley Onishi you quickly come to the conclusion, here is an honest man who clearly wants to share his experience and be forthright with his warning – what comes next with White Christian Nationalism?

Arlo Parks

In the second half of the show, we go back in time to hear a conversation with a then-up-and-coming talent who had at that time not even stepped on stage in front of an audience. Today, Arlo Parks is an international star with major ventures underway for 2023. Listen carefully to the then 18-year-old schoolgirl talk about her music, her hopes, and her dreams.