Pandemics And Human Evolution

“If the Corona Virus doesn’t change the way we behave – we are idiots!” The uncompromising words of Augustin Fuentes, professor of anthropology. Pandemics have been decisive markers in over ten thousand years of evolution and human behavior has changed in response explains professor Fuentes. Our future after the coronavirus pandemic will change, but Augustin… Read more »

Unclaimed Prizes from Ruckus Drawing 2-29-2020

Thanks to everyone who joined WMNF at the Skipper’s for the 15th Annual Ruckus… Especially to those who took a chance on buying a ticket to WIN!  A few lucky winners left the show before picking up their gifts ~ Here are the unclaimed PRIZE Chance Drawing ticket numbers: Trader Joe’s Wine Gift Basket: 964237 Elvis/Sun Records… Read more »

“Exploring Black History Month” on Morning Energy

Since February 1926, there has been a corporate celebration of Black History in America, which has evolved over the years to become officially known as “Black History Month” or “African American History Month”.  However, despite its educational purposes,  Black History Month is still a controversial subject. There are some, for example, liked Oscar award winning… Read more »

“Discovering Your Love Language” on Morning Energy

In 2003, an American Hip Hop Duo known as OutKast released a song called, “Happy Valentine’s Time Day”.  One of the most poignant phrases in the song is, “Every Day Is The 14th”. For decades many people from around the world have celebrated Valentine’s day on February 14th.  And although Valentine’s Day  is a festive… Read more »

“Symbols of Love” on Morning Energy

Whether we like it or not, we are in the “Season of Love” (affectionately known as Valentine’s Day). During this holiday season, a lot of time and money will be invested in trying to create sweet memories. On Morning Energy, we are going to spend time exploring this “Season of Love“ to include examining some… Read more »

“Pursuing Your Dreams” on Morning Energy

There are countless stories about people who have faced resistance while pursuing their dreams. Common reasons for this resistance includes: (1) others being emotionally scarred from their past failures, therefore doubting the possibility of your success (2) your dreams my go against the norm/status quo or (3) you simply don’t believe enough in yourself. In… Read more »