Doctor addresses Florida’s coronavirus delta surge, including liquid oxygen shortage

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From August 13-19, Florida averaged more than 21,400 positive coronavirus cases a day. In that week there were 150,118 positive cases and 1,486 deaths recorded in Florida.

Florida became the third state to pass three million confirmed positive coronavirus cases; more than 42,200 people have died. Florida is the only state that updates its coronavirus numbers just one time a week.

To talk about the coronavirus delta surge in Florida, mask mandates, booster shots and many other COVID-19-related topics, we spoke with Stacy De-Lin, MD.

Only 66% of Floridians of 12 years of age and older have gotten their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine. 55% of Floridians are fully-vaccinated. For the seventh week in a row, Florida’s coronavirus positivity rate increased: it’s now at 19.8%. The rate is highest among 12-19 year olds. 16,849 people are hospitalized in Florida with COVID-19.

This week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We talked about how that might affect vaccine hesitancy and about vaccine equity around the world.

I asked for Dr. De-Lin’s thoughts on something that was said last week by a guest on the show. Tom DeGeorge is owner of the Crowbar in Tampa’s Ybor City and he’s also part of the National Independent Venue Association. He blames decision makers in Florida for the coronavirus delta surge and also for touring musical acts for refusing to play Florida.

Orlando and Winter Park residents are being asked to conserve water because of COVID-19-related shortages of liquid oxygen. It’s used in hospitals, but also used in the water purification process. WMNF asked the City of Tampa’s water department if there was a shortage here. the water department says it does use liquid oxygen (LOX) for water purification, but it says “the water treatment plant has been operating on lower than normal inventory levels of (LOX) recently … our supplier has continued to deliver a steady supply to us here at our facility. At this time we are under normal operations.”

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