Florida legislators on why they voted for or against HB1 – universal vouchers for private schools


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A universal school voucher bill is sailing through the state legislature.

HB1 passed the Florida House on Friday and would allow nearly all students to attend private school with a voucher from the state. Some of the big concerns are how much it will cost – nobody can seem to agree on the number – and how much funding it will take away from public schools.

Here’s how News Service of Florida put the discrepancy in estimates for how much HB1 would cost the state:

“House and Senate staff analyses have included different estimates, with the House giving a ballpark estimate of $209.6 million, while a Senate analysis estimated a price tag of roughly $646 million.

“But the Florida Policy Institute, a non-profit group that opposes the voucher plan, estimates that the proposal would cost about $4 billion.”

Public schools get about $8,000 per student. That funding would “follow the student” if they transfer to a private school.

HB 1 passed the House, 83-27, mostly along party lines.

Its companion, SB 202, is expected to be taken up by the Senate Wednesday.

On Tuesday Café, we heard part of the House floor debate — legislators describing why they were about to vote for or against HB 1.

Listen to this show here:

Click here to watch the Florida House Session on 17 March 2023 via The Florida Channel.

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