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mifepristone molecule

WMNF aired Supreme Court arguments over the abortion drug mifepristone

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments over access to the abortion medication known as mifepristone.
school board candidates

Hear from 2024 Hillsborough School Board candidates in District 7 (countywide)

Hear from Hillsborough School Board District 7 incumbent Lynn Gray and challengers Jen Flebotte, Johnny Bush and Karen Bendorf.
school board

Hear from 2024 Hillsborough School Board candidates in Districts 1 and 3

Hear from incumbent Nadia Combs and challenger Julie Magill. And from incumbent Jessica Vaughn and challenger Angela Pimento Fullwood.
Roe vs. Wade rally

Listen to the oral arguments at the Florida Supreme Court over Amendment 4 on abortion rights

The Florida Supreme Court heard oral arguments about proposed constitutional Amendment 4 regarding abortion rights.

Does the Florida Legislature want to give Gov. Ron DeSantis his own army?

Independent reporter Jason Garcia is tracking the impact Gov. Ron Desantis' return from the presidential campaign trail is having on the Florida Legislature.

Florida Education Association speaks out about state education issues and a bill that would reduce child labor protections

The Florida Legislature is in session and Tuesday Cafe looks at the wide-ranging topic of education in Florida.

These bills in the 2024 legislature are an “escalation” of attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, according to Equality Florida

Several bills filed in the Florida Legislature for the 2024 session would impact LGBTQ+ Floridians; we get reaction from Equality Florida.
Aya Batrawy reports during Israel-Hamas war

NPR’s Aya Batrawy on what she saw and heard in the first month of the 2023 Israel-Hamas war

NPR international correspondent Aya Batrawy reported from Israel on the aftermath of the Hamas attacks and on Israel's deadly response.
Obamacare ACA

Get answers about open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace

Information how navigators can help you choose the Obamacare plan that’s best for you and if you are eligible for financial assistance.
Education school superintendents

School superintendents from Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco weigh in on vouchers, cell phones and removing books from schools

We hear from the school superintendents from Pinellas (Kevin Hendrick), Pasco (Kurt Browning) and Hillsborough Counties (Van Ayres).
Florida springs

Florida Right to Clean Water amendment will have to wait until 2026; plus environmentalists oppose the Bellmar development in Florida panther habitat

Organizers plan to get the Right to Clean Water amendment on Florida's 2026 ballot instead. Plus: opposition to Bellmar development.
bus rapid transit BRT St. Petersburg, Florida

The Pinellas Legislative Delegation supports a revamp of PSTA; what would it mean for local transit?

A Republican Florida representative has proposed a bill that would change how Pinellas County’s transit organization is governed.

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