Navigating the Hazards of Chemical Exposure for a Safer Tomorrow with Dr. Fred Harvey


The topic of health risks associated with chemical exposure and the recommendations for healthy living is a pressing issue in today’s world. Dr. Fred Harvey, a renowned health expert, brings to light the dangers of forever chemicals such as PFAS, criticizing the American government for prioritizing industry over human health and the environment. He also emphasizes the role of toxicity in obesity and suggests managing weight by addressing toxicity. His perspective is shaped by his extensive experience in the field and his belief in the importance of overall well-being and energy levels, which he believes can be enhanced by tools like Lifewave patches. Join us on this episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show podcast as we delve deeper into this topic with Dr. Fred Harvey.



(00:01:44) Pervasive and Harmful PFAS Chemicals

(00:02:56) The Impact of PFAS Chemicals on Military Bases

(00:08:29) The Persistence of PFAS Contamination

(00:16:25) BPA-Free Cans: Minimizing Carcinogenic Chemicals

(00:23:12) Identifying Triggers and Dietary Changes for Lupus

(00:30:12) Choosing the Right Cookware for Your Kitchen

(00:34:58) Salt Toothpaste and Non-SLS Options

(00:41:21) Detoxification and Fiber for Weight Management

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