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Detective Stephen Moran has been waiting for his chance to get a foot in the door of Dublin’s Murder Squad. He sees an opportunity when a sixteen year old girl from an elite private school brings him a curious photo. Moran has to team up with an unlikely partner, the abrasive Antoinette Conway a Detective who is proud of her rough working-class background. So begins The Secret Placethe intriguing new novel, just released in paperback, from Tana FrenchNorman B talks with the author from her home in Dublin, Ireland.

Lost In Translation is the splendid new album from electronic duo, Lola Dutronic, filled with clever homages to icons of a bygone era, including Serge GainsbourgFrançoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot and John Barry. Yet, these are hardly pastiches, but inspired interpretations. To achieve their signature sound, Lola Dutronic have adopted a unique multi-step method of making music, British-born producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Richard Citroen composes and compiles the instrumentation at his Toronto studio, then sends the MP3 tracks to vocalist Stephanie B, who works her magic from her home in Dusseldorf. Norman B will talk with Richard Citron, about his new album, collaborations, the importance of retro and explicit lyrics.

Kelly De Martino is an actress, a fashion designer and a musician who has produced two excellent albums. Her plaintive Bumblebees from her 2005 LP Radar, is this week’s Hit That Never Was.

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