A Night To Unite: One Tampa native and her vision for the future of women

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From Women’s Marches to the #MeToo movement and a subsequent honor by Time magazine, it’s been an eventful year for women’s issues in America.

The far-reaching topic is a contentious and necessary dialogue that lately has been seeing more attention than in recent years, and one Tampa-based producer, personal coach, and motivational speaker wants to see the conversation continue.

Renee Warmack, who heads her own production company, Renee Warmack Productions, will be heading a panel tonight that’s just one part in what’s soon to be an entire series on women empowerment. Attendees who join the event can expect a night of inspiration and advice on how to take action for women’s rights, as well as updates on recent laws and policies, and a better understanding on gender bias and its impact.

For Warmack, the necessity for a night like this was pretty clear:

“It hit me one day that the media distracts people with sensational “news” and that we women must stay focused on action to fight for our rights.” She’s gathered a panel four high-powered experts in different fields to lead the night’s discussions. Included in the panel is Melba Pearson, the Deputy Director of the ACLU of Florida, and best-selling author Fawn Germer. The event goes hand in hand with Warmack’s own personal and professional mission of helping others “claim their power for good.”

The event takes place tonight at the Stage Works Theatre on 1120 East Kennedy Boulevard, West Building, Unit 151 (1st Floor), from 5:45pm – 8pm, but Warmack doesn’t want the dialogue on empowerment to end there. “Don’t be shy and have courage to reach out and network, mentor, be mentored,” she says. “Our strength is our unity, but we have to risk putting ourselves out there to create more bonds.”

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