Photo Usage Tips and Websites

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We can’t use absolutely any photo that we want on the site. The station is liable for any photo used without attribution or license, and this isn’t an overly cautious approach.  Photographers seek out the use of their work more and more frequently. But we want to have lots of pictures on the website! What to do? has a huge library of photos. These photos are almost all sure to be okay to use. Either we have taken them or have permission from the photographer to use them. When in doubt, always give credit to the photographer in the caption.

The easiest photo to use is one that you have taken yourself. This includes a picture of a cd that you want to feature on your show, or if you have a picture of a band that you like from a show you went to—totally perfect!

Below are some links and websites on using photos correctly. If you have any questions, please do ask. Even if it isn’t required, it is always good to put the photographer attribution in. Give the artist credit! Isn’t that what we are about?  Creative Commons is the surest way to use photos properly  free photos, might need attribution   lots of links, public domain  An article with the above, and more, sources  historic