Guest Host on WMNF

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Guest Host on WMNF

Guest Host on WMNF

Be a guest host on your favorite WMNF show!

Ever thought you would have the opportunity to be the person who DJ’s their favorite show?  This is possible with a contribution to WMNF to be a Guest Host. Visit your favorite show page to see if a guest host spot is available as a gift when you make a contribution to the station. You host the show, pick out all the tunes you want to play and have the programmer run the board for you. You can use the WMNF music library to plan out your show or bring in your own music.  There are a couple of things you need to know:

  • you need to keep within the genre of the show
  • no promotion of any financial interest you are involved in (if you are in a band, you can’t just play your band’s music, etc)
  • follow the FCC rules about decency

Not all WMNF programmers offer guest hosts and the contribution level varies with different shows.  For more information contact Ian DeBarry, Membership Coordinator at 813-238-8001, extension 133 or email [email protected].