Sustainable Lumber, Herbs and Soap on the Sustainable Living Show

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On Monday’s WMNF Sustainable Living program we talked with a couple of wood-workers, Robert and Zoe Bocik. They use eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced, responsibly-harvested wood in their business, called FUNKTIONHOUSE Urban Lumber & Furnishings located in St Pete.

It was an interesting conversation about the types of trees and the lumber that can be harvested in our Bay Area: local solutions to local and global environmental problems.

Our next guest is a local Master Herbalist and soap maker. Peace Warden is also an ACE Certified Health Coach at her business, Herbal Healing Gardens Organics. She was another interesting guest with a fascinating story about her journey into herbal medicine and the amazing properties of soap. 727-286-0589  813-701-0764