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Roe v Wade rally after SCOTUS decision

Florida abortions topped 22,000 before the new 6-week ban

More than 22,000 abortions were performed in Florida this year before May 1 when a new a law took effect.
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried. Hemp marijuana

Democratic state leaders, mothers discuss November abortion measure

Listen: Coming off of Mother’s Day weekend, many are reflecting on abortion access in Florida. Democrats are pushing for support for a November ballot measure to put abortion rights in the state constitution. Nikki Fried...

President Biden speaks on abortion in Tampa

Listen: President Joe Biden came to Tampa Tuesday to speak on abortion rights. This comes as Florida’s six week abortion ban goes into effect next week. President Joe Biden spoke at the Hillsborough Community College’s...
SCOTUS protest

Backers of Florida’s abortion rights ballot question raise $2.2 million

A political committee hoping to pass a ballot initiative to enshrining abortion rights in the Florida Constitution raised $2.2 million.
Roe vs. Wade rally

Coalition builders?

Florida Democrats are trying to create alliances this year with Republicans and independents who support abortion rights.
Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade

A lawsuit seeks an updated financial statement on Florida’s abortion rights amendment

Backers of Florida's ballot question to ensure abortion rights have filed a lawsuit over a “financial impact statement” presented to voters.
"Don't Tread On Me" and "Ron DeSantis is a Musty Bitch" signs

Florida’s proposed abortion rights amendment might not end the legal fights

If Florida voters approve a November ballot measure to put abortion rights in the state Constitution, it likely would not end legal battles.
SCOTUS protest

Ron DeSantis blasts Florida’s pot and abortion ballot questions

One would enshrine abortion rights in the Florida constitution and the other authorizes recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older.
abortion rights rally

Florida Democrats look to the abortion issue for an election boost

Democrats are galvanizing around abortion as a “front and center” issue that they say could affect races up and down the ballot in November.
pot plants

Florida Supreme Court decisions on pot and abortion ballot measures are expected Monday

We may know Monday if Florida constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational marijuana will go on the November ballot.

What Are The Legal & Medical Status of Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Technologies in Florida Today?

Experts review the legal and medical status of reproductive rights & technologies today. Surrogacy lawyer Roia Barrios and reproductive endocrinologist & obgyn fertility specialist Dr. Carolina Sueldo discuss the Alabama IVF law, "fetal personhood," the...
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody urges the Florida Supreme Court to consider if “unborn children” are protected by the state constitution’s “Natural Persons Clause”

Liberty Counsel wrote, “.. the Alabama Supreme Court noted that an unborn child qualifies as a human life, a human being, and a person.”

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