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Here are 10 bills that died in the 2024 Florida Legislative session

When Florida lawmakers went home after ending the 2024 legislative session Friday, they left behind hundreds of bills that did not pass.
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Florida bills on monuments and flags could be dead

Controversial bills on removing historical monuments and restricting flags flown on public buildings appear to be dead in the Florida Senate.
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Controversial bills on flags and monuments appear to die in the Florida Senate

An effort to restrict what flags can be flown at schools and other public buildings flailed in the Florida Senate this week,
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Florida Senators walk out after racist comments in support of monument bill

Public comment on a Florida bill to preserve monuments spiraled into racism and hate speech on Tuesday. WMNF's Chris Young reports.
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Supportive comments about how the bill would protect “white culture” and “white supremacy” could jeopardize a bill to protect monuments in Florida

Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo raised questions about the fate of a proposal to protect historic monuments and memorials.
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Ron DeSantis supports a bill preventing the removal of Confederate monuments and other memorials in Florida

DeSantis said he is “100 percent against removing monuments” and supports HB 395 and SB1122.
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Florida Senators advance bill that would let supporters of Confederate monuments and other historical markers sue over their removal or destruction

The Florida Senate advanced a bill to let supporters of Confederate monuments and other markers sue over their removal or destruction.
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Privacy concerns over police using dead man’s finger to unlock phone?

On WMNF’s MidPoint Monday we discussed privacy concerns that arise from police trying to use a dead man’s finger to unlock his phone; we also heard part of President Donald Trump’s speech at the National Rifle...
Louis Virelli, professor, Stetson University College of Law.

Will Rick Scott pack the Florida Supreme Court?

The future of the Florida Supreme Court lies in the balance as three Justices will be replaced in January of 2019; but incredibly, it’s still up in the air who will appoint the new Justices:...
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Alex Sink on why she donated to help move Confederate monument

Last week the Hillsborough County Commission surprised many by backtracking on its promise to move a Confederate monument in downtown Tampa unless private donors could raise the needed funds within a month; but it only...

Charlottesville Terror: The Rise of the Fascist Right and Why Were Those Confederate Monuments Built?

August 15 2017 Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity…..I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up— after the terrorist attack on peaceful demonstrators last weekend in Charlottesville—- what’s next? We’ll talk with a futurist and historian about the efforts...
Ryan Torrens, candidate for Florida Attorney General

Ryan Torrens Florida Democratic Candidate for Attorney General

Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General Ryan Torrens On the first part of Tuesday’s Radioactivty, host Rob Lorei spoke with attorney Ryan Torrens, a Democrat who is running for the office of Florida’s Attorney General....

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