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Florida seeks a stay of judge’s ruling requiring a revision to the abortion rights amendment’s financial statement

The state wants a court to put on hold a judge’s decision requiring changes to a “financial impact statement” for the abortion rights constitutional amendment.
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Supporters of Florida constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational cannabis raise millions

A political committee leading efforts to pass a constitutional amendment aimed at ensuring abortion rights raised nearly $11.8 million.

Medicaid Expansion is in Our Hands Now

Florida is one of only 10 states that has not already expanded Medicaid coverage to low-income childless adults as allowed under the Affordable Care Act. Now, Florida healthcare advocates are mounting a petition drive to...
Roe v Wade rally after SCOTUS decision

Florida abortions topped 22,000 before the new 6-week ban

More than 22,000 abortions were performed in Florida this year before May 1 when a new a law took effect.
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Mothers, cops, and vets rally behind $5M push for recreational marijuana

A $5 million statewide ad campaign is aimed at boosting support for a proposed constitutional amendment for recreational marijuana in Florida
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Are you a Floridian who has been kicked off the Medicaid rolls? Here’s where you can get help

W talk about health care and how to get insurance coverage, even as Florida boots people off Medicare rolls. Will Florida expand Medicaid?
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Ron DeSantis blasts Florida’s pot and abortion ballot questions

One would enshrine abortion rights in the Florida constitution and the other authorizes recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older.
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Florida Supreme Court allows recreational marijuana on the 2024 ballot; then donations spike

Smart & Safe Florida announced Wednesday it had collected another $15 million to kick off the next phase of the pro-pot campaign.
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Florida Supreme Court OK’s further limits on abortion in the state and a ballot question on abortion rights

The Florida Supreme Court rejected decades of legal precedents and upheld a law that will prevent abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Recreational pot will be on Florida’s 2024 ballot

A divided Florida Supreme Court approved placing on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment to allow the recreational use of marijuana.

The Scoop: Fri., March 29, 2024 Tampa bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

On Monday afternoon the Florida Supreme Court is getting ready to release ruling deciding if proposed constitutional amendments that are looking to ensure abortion rights and allow recreational marijuana will go on the ballot.
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Florida Supreme Court decisions on pot and abortion ballot measures are expected Monday

We may know Monday if Florida constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational marijuana will go on the November ballot.

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