St. Pete Pride 2017 LGBTQ+ pride dog

Tampa & Orlando bars challenge Florida Department of Health over its order against dog-friendly bars

Bars in Tampa and Orlando are challenging the Florida Department of Health over decisions to block dogs from being in the establishments.

Project PUP has been sending therapy dogs on visits across Tampa Bay for 38 years

John Turner, the president of Project PUP, discusses the organization that, since 1984, has offered visits by therapy dogs to hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

Dog trainer, behaviorist, and former WMNFer Glen Hatchell returns with another “Ask The Trainer”

As we’ve done three times prior, the most recent “Talking Animals” involved setting aside the customary format in order to present the extended feature, “Ask The Trainer,” in which listeners are invited to call or...

Noted Dog Trainer Fields Questions From WMNF Listeners on “Talking Animals”

Glen Hatchell, an accomplished dog trainer and behavior expert–having held the Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification since 2014–was a guest Wednesday on  Talking Animals,  reprising “Ask The Trainer,” an extended segment we experimented with for...

Artist/Musician Laurie Anderson on Talking Animals to talk About Her Movie, Heart of a Dog. (updated!)

Duncan’s guest on Talking Animals this Wednesday will be Laurie Anderson, the long-celebrated artist and musician, who recently made an acclaimed film, “Heart of a Dog.” An inventive work offering a spirited visual mélange, “Heart of a...

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