Gritty, Unflinching, Name-Dropping & Juicy! (on Life Elsewhere)

When Adeline, a wealthy art student, chances upon a young man from the Midwest known only as Baby in a shady East Village squat, the two begin a fiery friendship that propels them through a...
Bob Dillinger

Pinellas has high drug possession arrest rate: report

Pinellas has a higher arrest rate for drug possession than just about any other county in Florida. A new report from Human Rights Watch and the ACLU puts Pinellas in the top five counties in...
Dana Moxley Cummings supports cannabis decriminalization. Tampa City Council marijuana decriminalization.

Tampa City Council supports decriminalizing cannabis

Tampa City Council voted 6-to-1 Thursday afternoon to give police the discretion to issue a civil fine instead of an arrest if someone is caught with less than 20 grams of cannabis; the only no vote...

Regulate Florida pushing ballot initiative to legalize marijuana

There’s a new effort to make marijuana legal in Florida – nope, not just medical marijuana. We’re talking legal recreational use of marijuana by adults; a new group will announce its new voter initiative this...

Drug-prevention advocate upset at Temple Terrace parade with “reefer”

A local Drug treatment finders Ohio is fighting back against a float in the Temple Terrace Fourth of July parade she says gives kids the wrong message — promoting marijuana smoking. WMNF interviewed Ellen Snelling,...

The science of weed: interview with National Geographic cover story author

The science of weed: interview with National Geographic cover story author

Race, weed and social justice

Deggans and USF professor Roy Kaplan about how might decriminalization of drug possession affect racism

New St. Pete police chief promises to crack down on drug crimes

Cracking down on drug related crimes will be a major focus of St Petersburg’s new chief of police, Anthony Holloway

Medicinal marijuana debated at Suncoast Tiger Bay club

Sun Coast Tiger Bay panel gathered in St. Petersburg today to discuss the potential positive and negative outcomes in Medicinal Marijuana is made legal in November.

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