Eric Deggans

Florida This Week: 2015 Year in Review

On Radioactivity we listen back to the latest Florida This Week, a political talk show on WEDU that is moderated by Rob Lorei. In this episode, Lorei and an panel of political experts review the...

Black Millennials are taking black twitter to the streets

Hacktivists and activists, black twitter and black lives matter hashtags are all over social media but what do they mean to black millennials? A recent report by The Black Youth Project entitled “Black Millennials in...

Florida This Week looks at Pope Francis’s US visit, Hillsborough School District budget shortfall

By Rob Lorei Today on Radioactivity, we listen to the latest edition of Florida This Week, a public affairs talk show moderated by Rob Lorei and broadcast on PBS station WEDU on Friday nights. This episode’s...

Cuba, David Jolly’s senate run, and Jeb Bush’s medicare remarks on Florida This Week

Today we listen back on the latest Florida this Week, a political discussion show moderated by Radioactivity host Rob Lorei. On this episode we look at the rekindled ties between the US and Cuba, what’s...

Race, weed and social justice

Deggans and USF professor Roy Kaplan about how might decriminalization of drug possession affect racism

Could Ferguson happen in Tampa?

A forum last night at USF on whether Ferguson, Missouri, styled civil unrest could happen in Tampa.

Civil Rights movement veterans discuss voter registration in the 60s and how the media feed fear to the masses

Today on Radioactivity, speaks with Eric Deggans veteran newspaper reporter, music writer and media critic and a the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer- a massive voter registration drive took place in one of the most...

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