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In Florida, the voter registration edge for the Republican Party is nearly 780,000 over Democrats

The Florida Division of Elections says the GOP with 5,141,848 registered voters as of Dec. 31, vs. 3,528,807 for the Democratic Party.
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Tax credits proposed for child care in Florida

A proposal to provide tax breaks to businesses that operate child-care facilities for employees got support Monday in the Florida House.
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New House bill would make it harder for local governments to raise taxes

 A new bill advanced in the State House today making it harder for local Florida governments to raise property taxes. 
Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to Trump Rally attendees.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drops his bid for president, endorsed Donald Trump

Florida's Ron DeSantis dropped his bid for president, saying he didn’t have a “clear path to victory.” He endorsed Donald Trump.

“Stand your ground” law against bears advances in State House

Listen:   A State House bill that would allow people to kill bears on their property without permits when they feel threatened advanced in a House subcommittee Friday. But, opponents say that killing the bears...
social media

A bill to ban kids from social media is ready for discussion in the full Florida House

The Florida House on Tuesday will take up a bill that would prevent minors under age 16 from creating social media accounts.
Aerial photo of downtown Tallahassee, Florida and the State Capitol

‘Safe exchange’ child custody bill passes Florida House

The Florida House unanimously supports parents who share custody of children use “safe exchange” locations at county sheriff’s offices.
Attorney addresses jury

Florida House supports excusing new mothers from jury duty

Women who have given birth within six months before the reporting date on jury summonses be excused if they request such an excusal.
banned books, First Amendment

Fees proposed for excessive challenges to school books in Florida

A Florida bill that could lead to fees for people who challenge numerous library books or learning materials.
homeowner's insurance

Backroom Briefing: Florida Democrats look to insurance and abortion

Florida Democrats see Tuesday’s special-election victory in the Central Florida House District 35 as a model for future elections.

Senate proposal threatens public campaign funding, raises concerns for underfunded candidates

Listen: A new constitutional amendment advanced in a state Senate committee Wednesday that would stop public financing for campaigns for statewide offices. If it passes, it could hurt candidates without much funding. SJR 114 would...
William March

William March: DeSantis’ legislative influence diminishes with his presidential prospects

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis will likely find his influence over the state Legislature diminished this year as his prospects for president decline, Tampa Bay Times columnist William March told WMNF WaveMakers with Janet and Tom....

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