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Florida’s hunting and fishing ballot initiative has raised more than $700,000

The political committee NoTo2.Org, which opposes the amendment, had raised $3,601.

The Scoop: Fri. May 31st, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Former President Donald Trump has been convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records, and Florida deals with an abundance of pythons.

Special gator hunting permits put on hold in Florida

A proposal would let five people hunt gators throughout the season in any management unit, on some public wetlands or on private land.
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Lawmaker Jason Shoaf supports holding another bear hunt in Florida

A Florida lawmaker is calling for the state to hold a bear hunt after a county sheriff suggested it to help manage the bear population.

Florida will step up testing for deer disease

Some deer killed in Florida during two popular hunting days in December must be tested for a contagious disease fatal to the animals.
offshore fishing boat

Florida voters will decide whether to enshrine a right to hunt and fish in the state Constitution

In 2024 Florida voters will decide whether to approve a ballot proposal to enshrine a right to hunt and fish in the state Constitution.
Florida black bear

A look back at Florida’s shortened black bear hunt

Over the weekend the controversial hunt of black bears in Florida was called off after almost two days because so many bears were killed; our guest on WMNF’s MidPoint was Tampa Bay Times staff writer Craig Pittman, who...
Florida black bear

the Fairness Doctrine debate show: Should we be hunting the Florida Black Bear?

By Rob Lorei Today on Radioactivity, we air the September edition of The Fairness doctrine, a debate segment moderated and produced by Jennifer Sullivan, who also hosts the public affairs TV show On the table...

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